Not sober: Day zero

Strange old times these Coronavirus days, we’ll probably remember them as the Plague Days where our freedoms were restricted and a ‘new normal’ became our reality. Gradually becoming institutionalised in our own homes. Perhaps it’s too much time with my own thoughts but I’m feeling the need to change – apparently the lockdown is causing some people to drink more and some to drink less. I’ve decided that I want to emerge from lockdown in better condition than I went in. I’ve been doing yoga every day from YouTube – Yoga with Adriene, one of the 30 day series I’m following is called Nurture. And you know what? I’ve decided that I really do need to nurture myself, and part of that is to give up the alcohol. I have so much to live for…

My second grandson was born today, he had a few problems and was immediately taken to the Neonatal Ward (what used to be the special care baby unit in my day). What is worse is that because of the Coronavirus restrictions my daughter can’t visit him until tomorrow. So much worry but I’m trying to be there for her, thank goodness for the internet! What better day to have my final drink!

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