Sober: Day 5

24th April 2020, Friday

A bad nights sleep – maybe too much coffee yesterday? Weird pain in my back on the lefthand side, just slept in an awkward position I think. Up at 9am, late for me. Feeling lazy but went for a walk – so many butterflies around, I was walking through the field and they were all around me, many different types. Wonderful!

GS2 a little better this morning thankfully but still not home. My stomach is definitely less bloated, I wasn’t imagining it and i’ve been drinking up to 1.5L of water a day so that should help with flushing any toxins out. Bit of a vague headache still and totally shattered by 7.30pm, so so tired, but toughed it out to 9.30pm, asleep within minutes.

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