Sober: Day 9

28th April 2020, Tuesday

OH went off early to go shopping as there are fewer people around then so less risk of the dreaded virus. When he got back I was so disappointed that he hadn’t been able to find any alcohol free beer and to my shame had a total meltdown and proper full-on toddler tantrum. I could see myself doing it and still couldn’t help myself. Doh! I’d just that minute finished a meditation on dealing with anger too and I still flipped out. Poor OH, it wasn’t his fault, I don’t know why I had, worryingly, built it up in my mind to be so important – the only thing I could come up with is that as it’s so hot here during late afternoon something, long, cold and beer-like would just hit the spot. Oh well, onwards and upwards as there will be no opportunity to go to the shops for another six or seven days with being in lockdown.

Walk, three miles, hot and sunny. Then my usual daily routine of Scrabble, read the newspaper online, message friends and family, work online, cop some rays until too hot. Made flapjacks as I had the ingredients and I’m getting the munchies for something sweet – I believe this is pretty normal when first giving up the booze. Also meant as a peace offering to OH – is this what they call Humble Pie? Cooked dinner, read book until gone 11pm (now part way through Tired of Thinking About Drinking – Belle Robertson).

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