Sober: Day 12

1st May 2020, Friday

Cloudy with a little rain first thing, warm and humid though. Following a Soberistas Tweet I downloaded the Meaningful May calendar, it sounds like a good idea (see pic below).

I have calculated which day this year will be the day that I switch over to ‘more sober days than drinking days in 2020.’ Taking into account the 30 days of my almost dry January, break even day is 8th June which will be 80 days sober, 80 days drinking and 9th June will be 81 days sober, 80 days drinking. Something to aim for anyway – I know, I have a weird brain…

Walk was OK, three miles. Did some work on the laptop in the afternoon – surprisingly productive with my now clear head. Last week my brain was so worryingly foggy and I just had to give up as I couldn’t concentrate at all.

OH still having his usual ‘beer o’clock’ at 5pm, it’s not really been bothering me too much. He’d bought some diet lemonade Allier in the week, I don’t usually drink it but today made myself a large wine glass full of ice cubes, orange juice and diet lemonade. I enjoyed it so much I had a second one.

All OK on the grandson front and DD2 is very happy to be at home now. Bed at 9.30pm to read for an hour – started Dry by Augusten Burroughs (?) I already know it’s going to be a good read after just the first few pages.

Meaningful May: Take a minute to remember what matters to you and why. My family mean everything to me, my daughters and my grandchildren, my husband and my mum and dad. I’d be lost without them.

4 thoughts on “Sober: Day 12

  1. You read like I do. I see these “read 30 books in a year” challenges, and I’m all…seriously? I do that in a few months! 🤣


      1. I decided to list mine this year, and finished ones are at 40. Unfinished are about 7. Do you read more than one at a time?

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