Sober: Day 13

2nd May 2020, Saturday

It’s the weekend but all days feel the same here in lockdown, apart from Sundays when the shops are shut and then even if I wanted to go and buy booze I couldn’t. Fairly good nights sleep though I was up three times in the night for a pee. I swear that my already walnut-size bladder has shrunk even more now i’m 60.

Walk, read, Scrabble, all the usual stuff. A lovely video call with DD2 and a virtual meet up with my new grandson, hopefully he will get to know my voice and will recognise it when I finally get to meet him in person.

Couple of hours work on the laptop. Cook dinner. Read. A video call with a friend for well over an hour – my friend D who was partly my inspiration for getting sober – which she has been for ten years now.

May calendar task: Do something meaningful for someone you care about. My options are a bit limited here but a good friend has just lost someone she cares about to cancer, who was her neighbour and friend, so she arranged a fund-raiser – I messaged her with my condolences, sent her a virtual hugs and contributed some money for the fund.

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