Sober: Day 14

3rd May 2020, Sunday

Sundays during lockdown have become cleaning days for me – who knew that sweeping and mopping could be so therapuetic? I’m becoming a right old Mrs Hinch.

Still cloudy here, a good few days now, I thought that May in Cyprus would be endless days of blue sky and hot sun. We’ve arranged to rent the apartment for another four weeks, i’m not even sure when any more planes will be allowed in, there remains a ban on anything other than cargo planes until the 17th May, so I guess that sometime near then the government will make an announcement. I can’t see the island being opened up to tourists until at least mid-July, in which case we’ll be here until at least then.

In the afternoon I don’t know what is wrong with me, I have this indefinable emptiness inside me. Food didn’t fix it, it’s like a void somewhere around the heart/stomach area. Or maybe it’s located in my head. Maybe I drank too much strong proper coffee or overloaded on sugary biscuits. Whatever it is I already know that if I drink alcohol it’s not going to go away. It may get temporarily supressed but it won’t go away, so, I won’t drink.

As a distraction from the feeling I immerse myself in work for a couple of hours and it seemed to do the trick as I emerged feeling more myself, more grounded.

OH cooks dinner tonight though he goes a bit overboard on drinking wine while he’s cooking and during the meal itself. He gets a bit beligerent but I don’t “bite” back, I just go and read my book and get an early night.

Meaningful May: Reconnect with nature today even if you’re stuck indoors. I sat outside on the balcony with the warm breeze blowing across my face. I can hear the House Sparrows twittering, Collard Doves constantly droning their annoying football supporter call (“united, united”), a Laughing Dove and it’s bubble chuckle and in the distance I can hear Bee-eaters with their wonderfully melodic, flutey calls.

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