Sober: Day 16

5th May 2020, Tuesday

Black clouds and thunder rumbling around when I got up this morning so I decided to delay my walk, hopefully it will clear up later.

I spent most of the day working (on my laptop) which was fine with me. At “beer” o’clock (I really need to find a new name for that) I tried the Carlsberg AF and was pleasantly surprised, it tasted way better than the strange perfumey San Miguel 0% (which I don’t think i’ll bother with again). Once again I also really enjoyed the large glass of ice/orange juice/diet lemonade that I had too. I’m figuring that I might just stick to that, especially if the shop runs out of Carlsberg AF (sidenote: why is it that if I find a product I like, shortly after the shop stops stocking it?…).

Veggie burger and oven roasted vegetables for dinner tonight, along with 1/2 of one of the wonderful pitta breads they make here in Cyprus. Perhaps i’m starting to obsess slightly but I couldn’t help noticing my OH’s alcohol consumption – he had a 500ml can of beer then at least 3 sizeable glasses of wine. I do worry about him, he’s consuming much more than the recommended weekly units. He’s always been a drinker, at times much heavier than now, but people have to decide for themselves if they want to make a change. He tells tales of his working days in London where it was the thing to do 747s – that is 7 pints at lunchtime, 4 pints after work and 7 pints in the pub in the evening. How is he not a raging alcoholic? He’s obviously not like me though, in that if i’m drinking my consumption gradually gets more and more as each week/month/year passes.

Meaningful May: Send friends a photo of a meaningful time you had together. I sent an old school photo to close friends – we all met when we were 11 and we started at a girls grammar school together, we are all 60 this year. I did much of my teenage (including underage) drinking with them and even now our get togethers are always fueled by copious amounts of Prosecco. I haven’t told them i’ve given up the booze yet…

Sweet 16 in the long hot summer of 1976, happy times.
If I could go back and speak to my younger self, what would I tell her? Maybe “alcohol is not your friend” I’m betting the little rebel wouldn’t listen though…

2 thoughts on “Sober: Day 16

  1. It’s nice to find a blog in which the OH (male or female) isn’t a “take it or leave it” kind of drinker. It’s different when you try to go sober and your OH continues to drink more than one or two every now and again.


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