Sober: Day 18

7th May 2020, Thursday

Up before 8am so that we could get out walking before it got too hot. Six miles today just so great to be out and about, though a bit unnerving with so few people around, there was an almost post-apocalyptic feel to the day today.

Work on the computer though the internet was down for a few hours. I drank the other bottle of San Miguel 0% that I got the other day – it actually didn’t taste too bad today. I still sometimes feel a bit sad when I think about never drinking again, and sometimes feel scared about that but at other times – like when I wake up and feel great and i’ve had a good nights sleep (apart from getting up to pee three times…).

Meaningful May: Let someone you love know how much they mean to you. Told my OH how much I love and appreciate him, because I do, he’s my best friend in the world and I told him there is no one else i’d rather be in lockdown with (I refrained from adding “apart from Brad Pitt” hahaha).

Had a short period of time early evening when I was feeling very angry – the pizza that i’d made was stuck badly to the foil that it was sitting on and the Lebanese Bread base was falling to pieces. The mood felt very irrational even as it was happening but thankfully it was soon over!

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