Sober: Day 20

9th May 2020, Saturday

Up early and tried to go for a walk, only got about 1/2 a mile and had to dash back to go to the loo, damn ulcerative colitis.

I’m on my next “round number” day, woo hoo! and it’ll be three weeks tomorrow since going AF. I feel like I need to give myself a pat on the back. As part of the Soberistas 100 Day Challenge i’ve pledged to donate 20p every sober day to a charity of my choice, this makes my contribution so far £4.00 – I find it very satisfying and motivating colouring in the square on my chart every day and seeing the money accumulate.

Spent quite a bit of time working on the laptop, interspersed with some time in the sun, topping up my vitamin D. A pretty uneventful day really, emotions and mood all felt pretty even.

The AF beer of choice today was a little strange, Blue Island Malt Drink, 0.0% alcohol free, pear flavour. Smell was a bit weird and it left a slight aftertaste. Perhaps a bit too “chemical” flavoured for my liking. I’ll be crossing that one off my shopping list.

Meaningful May: Look out for positive news and reasons to be cheerful today. I chatted with my mum, she’s 84 and sounded very upbeat and perky which is good as I do worry about her and my dad being isolated during lockdown but at least they have each other! Both of my grandsons are doing great, I received photos of both of them and messaged a lot with my daughters (the three of us have a group WhatsApp).

100 days sober at 20p a day will £20 to the charity of my choice
4/10 for this one…

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