Sober: Day 23

12th May 2020, Tuesday

I woke up not knowing what day it was, strange as I went to bed sober 😃 Must be the lockdown effect where every day is the same. It doesn’t actually matter what day it is, they are all the same at the moment – apart from Sundays when the grocery store is closed.

I had my first first drinking dream since becoming sober last night. I was sitting at a railway station guzzling a beer and gin combination. It tasted gross in my dream but I still kept on drinking it and thinking “why am I doing this?”

“Beer” o’clock today and a brew called Bavaria, alcohol free malt apple drink. Nothing beer-like at all about it, it looked and tasted exactly like Appletise. Another one to cross off the list, but, hey, you have to try these things. I didn’t even take a photo of the bottle, sorry.

Meaningful May: Be grateful for the little things even in difficult times. It’s certainly difficult to be away from the family and even if I was at home in Scotland I wouldn’t be able to travel the 500+ miles to see everyone – mum and dad at 84 and 87 are shielding and only halfway through their 12 weeks of that so I couldn’t visit and stay with them like I normally would. DD1 and GS1 are both asthma sufferers and so are being very careful, both have been hospitalised in the last 12 months because of their condition. And DD2 and GS2, well I wouldn’t want to take the virus to a 3.5 week old baby. In all of this i’m so so grateful for the internet! Messenger, WhatsApp, FaceTime, it helps to keep us all connected and i’m so thankful for that

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