Sober: Day 24

13th May 2020, Wednesday

Shopping first thing, went at 7.30am and the usual routine at the supermarket: hand sanitiser and temperature taken at the entrance then the trolley handle was sanitised. We did a quick predatory shop and out again as soon as we could. We’ve been very lucky here in Cyprus not to suffer the panic buying they had back in the UK where there are still shortages I believe. Even the packs of toilet roll here are still on BOGOFF (buy one, get one free).

I didn’t go for a walk today, I want, and need, my body to put all it’s energy into healing my ulcerative colitis. Made some lovely nourishing soup for lunch – green split pea and vegetable. Yum!

Played Scrabble online, did some work, read, sat in the sun. Phoned mum, happily she was pretty good. The quit lit i’m currently reading is Allen Carr’s The Easy Way for Women to Stop Drinking. It takes the form of reverse brainwashing – rinsing away all those years and years of being bombarded with the myths about the benefits of alcohol.

No new beer to review for “beer” o’clock today. It’ll be Carlsberg AF or San Miguel 0% now for me for a while until I can get back over to the bigger store. Funny though, one AF beer is perfectly enough for me late afternoon and I never feel like another one, unlike when it was an alcoholic beer when I would either have another one or finish the beer and make an immediate start on the wine.

The weather forecast for the weekend is for over 40C. Not looking forward to that, need to make sure i’ve got plenty of ice in the freezer and plenty of chilled, soft drinks in the fridge.

Meaningful May: Today do something to care for the natural world. Hopefully, with a background of biology and ecology I do something beneficial for the natural world everyday, at the moment I fill the bird bath in the garden here with fresh water daily – it’s surprising how quickly, in this heat, it evaporates and natural water sources are becoming scarce. I also put my bird sightings into the local database, whether at home or on holiday, which will hopefully be able to inform conservation choices in the future. I have a fascination with all things natural and today my photo is of the praying mantis that has been living in the plant on the balcony. What an amazing creature!

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