Sober: Day 26

15th May 2020, Friday

Wow, it’s so hot today, i’m drinking gallons (water mainly) and not feeling much like eating. It’s like stepping out into a furnace when you go outside. It stays fairly reasonable inside the apartment as it’s out of the sun for most of the day. Tonight will be the first night since being here that we’ll sleep with the windows open – we have insect screens on all the doors/windows thankfully.

Not much to report here today really. Still feeling good, no wobbles about not drinking. I’m making Never Question The Decision (NQTD) my go to motto.

Meaningful May: Find out about the values and traditions of another culture.

So as I’m currently in Cyprus it is the obvious choice. I have noticed that the Cypriot people are very family orientated, very sociable and also go out of their way to be kind and helpful.

The Cypriot Way of Life: Cypriot culture is a unique blend of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern; it has been moulded by centuries of rule by different nations that have coveted, fought over and possessed the island. Family life is considered of paramount importance and respect for the older generation remains strong. Despite an outwardly relaxed attitude towards religion, the traditions and values of the Orthodox church (in the South) and Islam (in the North) still play a key role in society as a whole.

Lonely Planet

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