Sober: Day 27

16th May 2020, Saturday

We went shopping at 7.15am, it was quite busy, I think everyone is getting things done before it gets too hot. The Met Office here have issued an extreme heat warning to run initially from 12.30pm to 5.30pm. It was already 32C when we left the store to return home at 7.45pm.

Feeling homesick a bit today, probably a combination of things: ulcerative colitis not very good still, it’s so hot and i’m missing the cool sea breeze at home in Scotland, i’m missing being in my own kitchen with my own appliances and being able to make the food that I know will sort out my u.c. I miss my bike, I’d love to go for a bike ride, I miss the solitude of heading out on my bike with all my gear and spending the night in my tent.

I don’t think I’m well equipped mentally to be cooped up indoors with another person, for weeks on end, no matter how much I love that person. I value freedom and solitude very highly. It resets me and makes me a better person to live with.

Meaningful May: Look around you and find five things you find meaningful.

1. The almost complete baby blanket that I’m knitting for my new grandson. I should have been home and had it finished well before he was born. I forgot to bring a cable needle with me and all the shops here have been closed for weeks so I haven’t been able to buy one.

2. My diary – it’s a five year “one line a day” diary and I’m on the second year of making daily entries. I really like looking back at the previous year to see what was going on with me – sometimes happy stuff, sometimes sad. It was OH’s idea to get these diaries and he also keeps his up to date too.

3. My binoculars, they go everywhere with me.

4. My iPad, especially at the moment, not only is it where I keep my full written journal (iPad app and Apple Pencil) but it is also my connection to family and friends through various means: Zoom, Messenger, WhatsApp and playing Scrabble.

5. The view from my window. I’ll never forget my time this year in Cyprus, I’ve really enjoyed being here, even being in lockdown, despite the homesickness. It’s been a great apartment to stay in – a good balcony which overlooks the gardens, a field and in the distance the sea. There are plenty of birds around which makes life interesting and full of sound.

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