Sober: Day 28

17th May 2020, Sunday

Hot, hot, hot! Thank goodness for the ceiling fan. Last night it was window wide open and ceiling fan on the go. Just a thin cotton sheet on the bed but mostly I wasn’t underneath it.

Don’t want to speak too soon but I think the WFPB diet is beginning to pay off with regards my ulcerative colitis. I don’t want to give you the gory details but my symptoms (touch wood!) seem to be a little improved today. Time will tell…

Didn’t actually do much today: reading, writing, some work on the computer, messaging with friends, online Scrabble. As soon as you move it’s “boooooofff” instantly drenched with sweat. Drinking plenty to keep hydrated. Did some online Christmas shopping – I usually try to start getting organised at this time of year, just small things and only for the daughters and grandsons.

Nothing to complain about today, feeling well hydrated. My weather app reported 42C… That’s pretty warm… Quite honestly the thought of drinking wine this evening, in this heat, repulses me, I can’t imagine how horrible I would feel in this heat with a belly full of alcohol. Progress is being made!

Meaningful May: Take a positive action to help in your local community. Well i’m not actually resident in my home community at the moment but feel I can help so I spent some time on social media sharing and promoting the business pages of friends on the islands who run small companies and who are currently struggling. Hopefully they will get some online orders as a result.

I’m fascinated with this derelict building nearby, I took the photo with the Tin Type camera app
I really love the WTForecast app, it’s not for the easily offended though 😂
Back of camera shot, even the House Martins were struggling with the heat, they were clinging to the wall in the little bit of shade.

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