Sober: Day 29

18th May 2020, Monday

There will be a couple of landmark days this week: tomorrow will see me 30 days / 1 month sober and on Thursday, hopefully, the Cyprus government will remove all movement restrictions and we’ll be free to go wherever we want, whenever we want. I am both looking forward to free movement and also looking at it with some trepidation after some 50+ days in lockdown. I can quite understand how people can become institutionalised. In many ways life has been so simple the last couple of months.

Coronavirus figures here are still looking good, still only 1 to 5 new cases a day. There will still be many restrictions in place of course – our so-called “new normal.” Restaurants and cafes will open up but only for dining outside at socially distanced tables and numbers restricted, small retail shops and open air markets opened just over two weeks ago but still no malls or department stores. All retail staff in shops to wear masks.

Sitting under the ceiling fan today, writing and i’ll work on the computer shortly. I usually write this journal/blog entry in two or three goes throughout the day.

Sad news this evening of the passing of a very good friend, he died suddenly and unexpectedly but doing the thing he loved, birding. So many happy memories. My only positive thought in this is, if there is a heaven he’ll now be reunited with his wife who he always referred to as “our lass” who he lost nearly 15 years ago, I don’t think he ever got over that. RIP S ❤️

Meaningful May: Handwrite a note to someone you love and send them a photo of it. I wrote a note to my friend J, love her to bits, she’s probably the loveliest person in the world, not a bad bone in her body. I think if it wasn’t for her and her husband P I wouldn’t be here now – the love and support they gave me after the loss of my son is what got me through the dark days.

A bird, specially for S 🙁

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