Sober: Day 31

20th May 2020, Wednesday

Up early as it’s so hot. OH had a very bad night he said he was too hot and he felt dehydrated.

Last day of lockdown today. My insides feel a little improved again. I spent some time going through the videos in the McDougall Starch Solution Course which I found out recently is currently free a special offer because of lockdown. I thought it would be a good refresher for me and help to steer me back to good wholefood plant based eating habits for the sake of my insides – the crap I’ve been eating these last weeks since being in lockdown, ugh, it’s no wonder my ulcerative colitis is flaring up!

More bad news this evening, my friend of 30 years found his partner dead on the bathroom floor this morning, they’d been together 25 years and he’s totally devastated poor guy.

OH decided to sleep outside tonight, his feet are still swollen and he said it’s too warm inside for him so set himself up on the sunbed. When I went to bed at 11pm he was snoring away out there. I wouldn’t have minded doing the same but if there are any bitey/stingy insects out there they’d have a feast with me!

Meaningful May: Reflect on what makes you feel really valued and appreciated. Probably when someone does something for you without you asking them to, or does something unexpected like a small random act of kindness or kind words definitely. Also thinking about this – how can I make people feel valued and appreciated? By doing the same for them as I would like them to do for me.

One advantage of being in lockdown is that I think I’ve explored every inch of the gardens of the complex here.

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