Sober: Day 32

21st May 2020, Thursday

Oh my goodness, after 57 days of living under strict lockdown here in Cyprus we are free to go out! Of course there are still many restrictions in place but movement is now unrestricted and no permission required!

OH spent all night outside, he said he didn’t have a bad nights sleep. After running to the bathroom at least seven times after I woke up this morning I managed to leave the apartment and we headed in the car down to the coast. Fabulous, freedom!

Walked about a mile and a half by the shore, it was so lovely to be out. Drove up to the dam too and had a look up there, very quiet, no-one else around. Then by 11am it was starting to get very hot so we returned to the apartment.Iced coffee for me plus plenty of water to rehydrate. I’m so going to enjoy this freedom thing.

So, i’m still here journaling daily, I did say that I wouldn’t post so much after 30 days, and now that we are able to go out and about won’t have so much time for writing.

Remained hot until late evening, had our weekly Zoom call with our friends back home – received an update on how my house plants are doing (I grow cacti and succulents because they thrive on neglect…). My friend had repotted some of them for me, only one had died.

I’ll post again on Day 40

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