Sober: Day 33 to 50

Well, here I am still here and still sober. Can’t even quite believe it myself that I’ve now made it to 50 days!

I’ve also passed the landmark of now having had more alcohol free days this year than days on which I drank – not continuous but if I add together the 30 days I did in January and my current run.

I’ve been able to get out a whole lot more since lockdown ended, it’s been so lovely to go out early in a morning and not return until late afternoon.

I’m thinking about drinking less and less, which is good. Though I do seem to get odd, sudden, strong cravings at random moments but it’s usually when I don’t have access to any booze anyway and they soon pass, thankfully.

Weight is coming off slowly, I’m unable to weigh myself so have to judge by how my clothes are fitting and they do feel a little loser. I’m still sticking closely to wholefood plant-based and have subscribed to some new YouTube Channels which have been very handy: Plantiful Kiki, Chelsea Mae Cullen and High Carb Hannah.

Ulcerative Colitis is settling down nicely, very few symptoms now – considering that when I’ve had flares before they’ve taken 6 months to settle down. Food as medicine really works, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Still stuck here in Cyprus, the airports are open but planes from the UK are still banned because of the poor virus situation there…

Enjoying a cup of tea and some water at the beach at Limassol
Beautiful Venetian bridge up in the hills

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