Sober: Day 100

Well I’m really happy to report that I’m still going, still sober and celebrating 100 days.

From day 90 I was having a few minor wobbles, with thoughts of “maybe I could moderate, maybe just one now and again wouldn’t hurt”. But I already know the answer to those questions. Tried moderation, didn’t work and just one, no, can’t do that either.

I’ve decided to repledge for another 100 days, maybe drinking is a bit like giving up my cigarette habit (now 158 days), I haven’t told myself I’ve given up forever but it’s highly darned unlikely that I will take it up again.

I’m still regularly reading quit lit – the current book is Alcohol Lied to Me by Craig Beck which is a great read with a very compelling argument against drinking.

My lack of imbibing seems to be having a positive effect on the husband too – weeks ago he cut out beer completely, he still drinks wine daily but only a couple of glasses with dinner. A positive step I feel.

Still stranded in Cyprus as UK flights not allowed in until 1st August and even then Brits will only be allowed in if they can produce a negative Covid test certificate. The good news is though that we have a flight booked for the 2nd August. We have to return to Scotland via four flights so it will all be a bit tedious, but late Tuesday afternoon I should arrive home after just over five months away…

One of my favourite beaches near Akrotiri, I’m going to miss this!

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